Why the ACRC?

Job seekers who have the Arizona Career Readiness Credential give us added assurance that we are attracting the most qualified candidates. With the foundational skills in place we can trust that they can start contributing to the success of our business immediately without a lot of extra training in basic business acumen. Nice Creative 

About the Advocates

We are Arizonans advancing our economy by fixing our critical shortage of ‘ready-to-work’ individuals with the basic skills Arizona employers need — we advocate the widespread use of the Arizona Career Readiness Credential in economic/ workforce development and education. Arizona has one of the highest rates of ‘left behind’ workers who need to improve their skills so they can advance AND employers tell us that recent graduates are not prepared for the workplace. We believe that a prepared workforce can help Arizona grow and its people prosper.

About the ACRC

The ACRC is an economic development tool focusing on a ready workforce. Arizona employers tell us it validates candidates’ readiness and reduces costs by streamlining hiring, improving retention, and preventing Workers Compensation claims. Workers who have completed the program tell us it’s given them the tools they need to earn better jobs. The program is managed by the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) and is available AT NO CHARGE from a growing number of service providers including ARIZONA@WORK, community colleges, career technical schools, adult education, Goodwill, and many non-profits.

Great Retention Improvement!

“European Techniques was having issues with retaining a workforce. Retention rates were around 71%, and declining quickly… Utilizing ACRC, European Techniques has seen an increase in retention to 92%. Every employee that has completed ACRC is still employed. ACRC has helped with communications and promoting teamwork. Also, as incentive, European Techniques has provided a bonus to all successful participants in ACRC.”  NACOG

Graphic -- Building Blocks of ACRC


     ACRC Advocates:  John Nelson    JNelson@ACRCadvocates.org
     State of Arizona:    Andy Ridley      Andrew.Ridley@oeo.az.gov